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As responsible llama owners and breeders, we are well aware that not all llamas enjoy a safe and productive life.  We believe that it is the responsibility of all llama breeders to embrace the concept of rescue regardless of how unpleasant or distasteful it may be.

We are no longer actively involved as Ohio coordinators with Southeast Llama Rescue however we continue to  subscribe to their mission which is to "protect the quality of life and improve the well being of abused, neglected, unwanted and behaviorally unmanageable llamas through prevention, education, intervention, placement and lifelong care."

These llamas are a just a few of the many we have helped over the past few years.

Llola is a mature female who was pastured with an intact adult male alpaca.  Immediately upon giving birth to his male cria, she was again impregnated.  Shortly after giving birth to a still born cria, we were made aware of the situation and removed her.

Llola was adopted and is living peacefully with a gelded llama and various other rescue farm animals.


Elija and Finale, both intact adult males, were living with cattle.  They had not received medical or routine maintenance for a number of years.  After shearing, the long, dirty, matted fiber, it was weighed and we found that we had taken off 30 pounds!  Although Elija was in fairly good shape, Finale was painfully thin. 

Although they had not been handled for years, these two llamas remained gentle and trusting.  Renamed Eli and Slim by their adoptive family, they are receiving the attention and love they deserve.


100_0044.JPG (502406 bytes)100_0048.JPG (1040487 bytes)

Elija (Eli) and Finale (Slim) 

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Lisa, Robbie (Eclypse), Sandy (Masquerade) and Dave

Eclypse and Masquerade were two of five llamas surrendered to the Wayne County Humane Society who subsequently turned them over to us for Southeast Llama Rescue.   None of the five had received medical or routine maintenance care for a number of years.  Adopted and renamed Robbie and Sandy (the Alomars) by Lisa Steigerwald-Kana and Dave Kana, they were sheared, had their toenails trimmed and were gelded.

Robbie and Sandy love their new home and are sharing living quarters with four rescue goats.

Lisa and Dave also adopted Sophie (no photo) from this group.  Sophie was previously used as a public relations llama and is very gentle.  She was extremely thin but under Lisa and Dave's loving care, she is thriving.


Kidd and Gambitt were among the five llamas received by the Wayne County Humane Society.  Since both of these llamas had behavioral issues, they were taken to Southeast Llama Rescue headquarters in North Carolina for rehabilitation.

Kidd is now living at the home of a veterinarian in Texas.  He is successfully serving as a sheep guard on that farm.    Gambitt (no photo) was taken to a free range holistic ranch in Texas along with a number aggressive males.  Reports of their health and well being is very positive.


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Coozie is an older regal lady who, at the time of her rescue, was extremely thin and distrustful of people.  Although she is a classic light wool llama, her fiber was matted all the way down to her skin.

Coozie developed a cancerous mass in her intestines which required surgery and an extended stay at Ohio State Veterinary Hospital.  While at OSU she also developed an upper respiratory infection.  Her recovery was slow and painful to watch.  Sadly, the day before Christmas, 2008, she lost her unborn cria.

We grew to love Coozie so much that we decided to give her a permanent home on our farm.

Unfortunately, Coozie's cancer returned.  We held her as she was peacefully put to sleep.  We miss her terribly.

Ritz and Armani are two gorgeous guys who enjoyed a career in 4H.  After losing interest in 4H their owners lost interest in the llamas too.  While not neglected, these half brothers lost weight and needed to find a new loving home where they could receive the attention they deserved.

They were adopted by first time llama owners Tom and Michelle and in turn, Ritz has 'adopted' Tom and Armani has 'adopted' Michelle.  The two boys have gained weight, receive lots of love, and are happy in their luxurious forever home.


Armani1.jpg (257830 bytes)





Ritz and Armani