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80 llamas in Ohio were rescued and re-homed.  Click on the Ohio 80 Rescue link to read the story of the rescue.

Visit Southeast Llama Rescue to view available llamas


Ohio rescue resource: Deb Logan

(770)917-0743 or logan99@bellsouth.net



Zeus is a very tall classic gelding whose sturdy build would make him ideal for packing.  He is a little timid and needs someone to show him that the world is not a scary place.  He is gentle and allows shearing and toenail trimming without a fuss.

Zeus is a little overweight and needs someone who will provide him with plenty of exercise.



Buckeye is a half llama half alpaca gelding who was born to the research herd at Ohio State and subsequently offered for sale to benefit the International Camelid Institute.

Buckeye can be haltered with a little patience but he does lead and trailer well.  He is a sweet boy who could possibly be used as a sheep or goat guard.

Since he has had five homes in the past five years, he is ready to settle down in a forever home with a loving family.



Llamarr crossed the Rainbow Bridge before he was adopted.  However he felt quite at home with his foster family.  We are grateful that he was a part of our lives.

Llamarr is an older gentleman who was covered with 20 pounds of matted fiber and dirt.  After shearing, his tail shot straight up and started to wag, something he had not been able to do for years.

Llamarr is curious and loves to be around people and other llamas.  He sustained an injury to his rear leg the summer of 2008 and now spends most of his time kushed.  The vet says he will eventually learn to walk on three legs.

Since he cannot be moved,  Llamarr is living out the remainder of his life in his foster home.



Not every llama that we take in is considered a rescue.  Rizer was in an excellent home but with moving to the west coast on the horizon, the owners decided to find him a new home.  Unfortunately, he began to exhibit aggressive behavior so we were contacted to find him a suitable environment.

Rizer successfully underwent rehabilitation and now shows no aggression.  He has been adopted.

Alpaca Rescue:

Occasionally, SELR takes in rescue alpacas.  No alpacas are currently available.