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Hikes, Packing, Parades, School Visits, Fund Raisers   This is what we do with a llama!


Chileno Paq. Champinon and Lyle at a pack trial



Llamas can carry up to a third of their body weight in specially designed packs.  They are naturally sure footed on the trail and their soft padded toes ensure that there is minimal damage to the environment.  Llamas can be certified through the Pack Llama Trials Association.

Llamas "llove" a parade!  Our llamas always enjoy dressing up to promote the theme of the day.  Regardless of whether it is a nationwide celebration for  football inductees or a small community parade to memorialize our war heroes, our llamas will be there. 

Cosmo, the football fan, meets his idol John Madden at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Parade in Canton, Ohio


Whatnot, Helen, Tempest and Lyle on a fun hike

There is nothing like a leisurely walk in the state park with your llamas.  We regularly get together with good friends to enjoy informal hikes and to  introduce our llamas to natural obstacles.  Other hikers on the trail are always astonished to find llamas on the trails.