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Ohio Rescue Resource:  contact Deb Logan (770)917-0743 or email:logan99@bellsouth.net

At Heather Hill Llamas, we believe in breeding with integrity.  Our goal is to produce pure llamas with excellent conformation, calm temperament, good health and nice fiber.  Keeping our llama population under 20 allows us to provide individual attention to each llama ensuring that we meet those goals.

We have temporarily halted our breeding program so that we can concentrate on llama activities, education and rescue.


Cosmo receives a blessing at a fundraiser for Animal Welfare



Is this a llama or a hippogriff?  Only Cosmo and Harry Potter know for sure


We are proud of the fact that our llamas consistently place in the show ring, are pack certified or are working towards pack certification, and are gentle when interacting with people.

One of our passions is educating new llama owners, potential owners, or the general public.  Providing mentoring and follow up are vital to the health and well being of llamas and it is a service we provide whether a llama is purchased from us or from someone else.  We are always looking for new avenues to showcase our llamas and to teach people about these remarkable creatures.


Although our llamas have won at Nationals, fame isn't limited to the show ring as Heather Hill's Cosmo Not's photo that appeared in Sports Illustrated and many major newspapers across the country.  Cosmo, dressed as Dan Marino, also appeared on national news and his photo was on the the ABC website for a period of time.

As members of Southeast Llama Rescue, we are actively involved in helping llamas who have fallen victim to abuse, neglect or abandonment.  It is sometimes heartbreaking but is always gratifying to our souls.



All Santa wants for Christmas is a llama from Heather Hill

We welcome you to Heather Hill Llamas and hope you enjoy your visit.  Stop back soon.